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Dewatering, Process chemistry and Integrated Water Management

Thickening and Clarification

Select, troubleshoot, optimise, modify, manage gravity separation processes

Surface Water Treatment

​Selection, design, commission, manage run-off water treatment systems

Tailings Management

Conceptual and operational tailings treatment design and management

Mechanical and Vacuum Filtration

Select, troubleshoot, optimise, modify and manage filtration equipment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Select, troubleshoot, optimise, manage;

Design of small treatment systems

Scale Prediction and Control

Greenfield and brownfield scale modelling, prediction and control

Corrosion Prediction

Understand the potential effects of water chemistry on metal and alloy corrosion

Conceptual Selection and Design

Evaluate options, alternatives and select the best overall separation process

Secondary Flocculation

Design, optimise, manage in-line chemical agglomeration and dewatering

Coagulation and Flocculation

Design, optimisation and troubleshooting of chemical separation systems

Education and Training

Operator training, public and private seminars, and corporate presentations

Dust Suppression​ Strategies

Evaluation of options and strategic design of dust suppression systems

Process Control

Select, design, commission and tune  equipment and chemical control systems

Feasability and Research

Plan, execute and interpret desktop studies, field and lab investigations

Client Representation

Work for the client and deal with

suppliers and government agencies

Pumping and Piping

Selection and design of pump and

pipe-runs less than 200m

Contract Engineer/Manage

Conduct regular contract

operational work for the client

Emergency Response

Rapid response, diagnosis and solution to minimise production losses

Modelling and Software Programs

General and specialised technical and economic spreadsheet development

Optimisation, De-Bottlenecking

Opex and Capex projects and programs to improve quality and capacity

Low-Capex Systems

Specialising in innovative, optimsed, low-cost dewatering system designs

Retention Dam Silt Dewatering

Select, design and manage the most efficient dam silt dewatering system

Trial Planning and Execution

Cost-effective equipment and chemical trialling,data collection and interpretation

Design, Manage and Commission

Small to medium engineering projects

Survey, Audit and Benchmark

Measure and evaluate dewatering, water quality and process chemistry systems

Integrated Water Management

Water balancing and fit-for-purpose water flow and quality management plans

Field Engineeing

Expertise and practical, economical  engineering at the desk and in the field

Peer Review

Independent third-party liason and

review of technical proposals and reports

Water Quality Profiling

Advice on the chemical and colloidal implications of water management

Technical Writing

High-quality tender, proposal and report writing in conjunction with the client

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