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A small, hard-working process engineering consultancy, based in New South Wales, Australia

​Victory Engineering was established in 2012 to serve the Mining and Quarrying, Coal Seam Gas, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Construction, Recycling and Water sectors with specialised knowledge and a unique perspective on Dewatering, Process Chemistry and Integrated Water Management.

Stewart has worked as a chemical and process engineer since 2003, in the Mining, Quarrying and Manufacturing industries, gaining experience in both small and large consultancies, and with the world’s premier water technology company.

Stewart’s diverse, well-honed skill set, his flair for innovation, and his rigorously empirical approach, gives Victory Engineering’s clients:

• Up-to-date specialist knowledge
• Extensive knowledge of options and alternatives
• Well-informed, objective recommendations
• Comprehensive solutions that incorporate, process, civil and environmental components
• Relevant, tailored solutions that are not limited by convention or partiality
• Disciplined, meticulous test work and design that accounts for the details and their implications
• Opex-focused solutions for Capex-restrained contexts.

Through our commitment to accessibility and excellence in the field, Victory Engineering:


​• Can undertake a wide range of jobs, from small emergencies, to larger conceive-and-design projects
• Is flexible; willing to negotiate contractual arrangements to suit each client’s situation, style and budget
• Applies a risk-managed approach to system selection and design; considering operational, safety, environmental and social factors.

Victory Engineering offers affordable consultation, usually on a per-hour or per-day basis.

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